Who We Are

Harambee, LLC is a Medicaid Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Waiver agency run by parents of children and dependent adults with special needs. Through hard experience, they have learned how difficult these services can be to access for families under stress, but have developed an expertise in doing so. Harambee, LLC acts as agents of change for people with developmental, physical disabilities and brain injury by creating opportunities for growth and meaningful life choices so that all people can be valued, contributing members of their community.


Our Values

Family Focused: Family members and consumers play a powerful role in the governance, planning, policy, advocacy and oversight of the system, agencies and their services. Families participate as full partners in all stages of the decision-making including implementation, monitoring and evaluations.

Dignity and Respect: All people have an inherent right to be treated with dignity and respect as a whole person.

Self-determination: All people have the right to direct their future; they have a right to control how they live their lives and where and with whom they live through the provision of services and supports that are responsive to the needs of each individual rather than the needs of the system.

Empowerment: Influence over the operation and structure of service provision and participation in decision-making of community involvement.

Inherent Value: All people are inherently valuable regardless of their ability or disability levels.